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New talent at The Hair Company

Written by Site Administrator.

The Hair Company, Crown Street, Brentwood enjoys a loyal following and an unquestioned reputation so when it comes to employing new staff, we're very fussy!! We have, however, been very fortunate to add two new members to our amazing team.


We'd like to introduce you to Sharon Ward SRSH and Pam Holbard


Sharon is one passionate hairdresser with over 15 years salon management experience. She is a Member of the Fellowship of British Hairdressers as well as a State registered Master Craftsman. She participated in the Fellowship Colour Project 2013 and is certified in using 'Great Length Extensions'.


Pictures: In Vegas with Redken, On Fellowship stage at Salon International 2013, With the amazing Errol Douglas MBE


Okay our second new team member is the very talented Pam Holbard!


Pam has over the thirty years experience working in the hair industry. She has been inspired and mentored by some of the best hairdressers within the industry. She is currently a member of the British Hairdressing Federation 'Colour Project 2014' lead and mentored by the award winning Michelle Griffin, where she was inspired by other award winning icons within the world of hair, Debbie G (international bespoke training), Tracy Hayes (Fudge), Tai Walker (Mahogany), Jaclyn Smith (Jo Hansford), Edward Darley (Sassoon), Tracey Divine. Working creatively with colour to create a photo shoot with the amazing Errol Douglas MBE, which she will be showcasing on the BHF stage at Salon International 2014.


Pictures: Pam, Sharon & Patrick Cameron BHF, Evening with the British Hair Federation (Errol Douglas & Jamie Stephens), Pam & Tony Wood after training day.


What fabulous additions Sharon and Pam will make to our team! We're delighted to have them both on-board!